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1. Introduction
2. Geographical Setting
3. Contextual Setting
4. Batpalathang Archaeological Site
5. Investigation Campaigns 1999 and 2000
6. Ritual Monument Batpalathang B3
Appendix 1: Sedimentary Descriptions
Appendix 2: Conflict Chronology and Solutions
Appendix 3: Proposal for Conservation

This is the final report for the excavations carried out in 1999 and 2000 at the Batpalathang site, near Jakar, Bumthang District, in Central Bhutan. This report is being published in Switzerland in 2001 under the following reference:

Blumer (Reto) and Braillard (Luc), 2001. Forgotten Archaeological Sites of the Choskhor Valley in Central Bhutan: the Batpalathang Site near Jakar and the Potential of Bhutan's Archaeological Heritage. Part 1: Introduction, Setting, and Monument B3. Annual Report of the Swiss-Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad , 2000 (Zurich CH and Vaduz FL).

Scholarly interested people may obtain hardcopies by contacting the author.


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