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Appendix 3: Proposal for Conservation

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Proposals for Conservation of Monument B3

Based on the last solution elaborated to enable the preservation of Monument B3 within the RNR-RC compound at Batpalathang, the author proposed a tentative plan to preserve and present the archaeological site to future visitors.

The concept includes the following goals:

It integrates the monument within the courtyard located just in front of the building devoted to the laboratories.

The monument is presented didactically to the visitors with an explanation panel.

Two aspects of the monument can be observed: (1) one monument half (eastern or western, depending on architectural constraints) is reconstructed as it could have been historically. This part is directly accessible to the public. (2) The other half is consolidated to show the state of preservation at excavation time. This part is not directly accessible but clearly observable from the periphery.

The project should be feasible at low cost, using local workmanship and eventually local volunteering.

Practically, the project includes consolidation of the superstructures made of dry masonry (cementing). The central chamber should be shown without its fill and cover, but this necessitates proper drainage of rainwater in southern direction (two drain tubes running under the southern platform wall). The accessible reconstructed half would finally consist mainly in a peripheral wall circumscribing a grass surface terminated by a light steel and wire fence from where the public has a perfect view on the platform and its empty chamber. The grass area is accessible through a small gate located north. The main explanation panel is set up within the grass surface.

The implementation of such preservation and presentation project still depend on a list of factors including (1) financing, (2) coordination with and approval by the National Commission for Cultural Affairs, (3) cooperation of RNR-RC Jakar. The author stays at disposal of all concerned agencies and organization for further development of the integration project

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