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Final Report, part 1 (2001), by R. Blumer and L. Braillard
Preliminary Report for 1999 (2000), by R. Blumer and F. Vial
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In 1999 and 2000, the Swiss-Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad SLFA carried out the first archaeological excavation in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

We would like to thank all the institutions which supported us during the realization of the project.

Project Goals

Ascertain and document the historicity of buried stone structures threatened by the construction of a new building complex at the Batpalathang site near Jakar, Bumthang District, central Bhutan.
Local archaeological survey.

Project Workmanship

Swiss-Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad SLFA (Switzerland): 1 archaeologist / project head, 1 geologist / sedimentologist, 1 biologist / field assistant, 1 ethnologist / field assistant.
National Commission for Cultural Affairs Thimpu (Bhutan): 1 representative.
Renewable Natural Resource Research Center RNR-RC Jakar (Bhutan): up to 10 local fieldworkers.

Financing and Assistance

Royal Government of Bhutan RGoB (Thimpu): exemption of visa fees and taxes.
Ministry of Agriculture of the RGoB (Thimpu): logistic support.
NGO Helvetas (Zurich and Thimpu): wages of local workers, transportation, local logistics.
SLFA (Zurich): specialists wages, transportation, toolkit, analyses, studies.

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