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6. Ritual Monument Batpalathang B3

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The monument Batpalathang-B3 is located about 80 m southeast of the complex Batpalathang-B1/B2. It appears as an individual monument and seems not related directly or indirectly to any other archaeological structure observed in the vicinity.

To simplify browsing, we divided this chapter in subchapters and subparts.

Morphology and State of Preservation

Excavating Monument B3

Appraisal Methods and Excavated Surface

Structural Description

part 1: General Shape

part 2: Platform Flanks

part 3: Platform Surface

part 4: Excavating the Chamber

part 5: Morphology of the Chamber

part 6: Construction Stages

part 7: Chamber Fill and Ceremonials

part 8: Peripheral Wall Morphology

part 9: Construction Technique of the Peripheral Wall

part 10: Additional Features

part 11: Sediment Deposits within the Peripheral Wall

part 12: Restitution Proposal

Archaeological Material

part 1: Artifact Distribution

part 2: Raw Materials

part 3: Metal Objects

part 4: Stone Artifacts

part 5: Pottery Types (1-4) and Pottery Assemblage

part 6: Origin of Pottery Ware

Fireplaces and samples

Dating Monument B3

Function of Monument B3

Tentative Architectural and Functional Comparison


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