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6. Ritual Monument Batpalathang B3

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Structural Description (part 12)

Restitution Proposal

To summarize the structural description, we propose a three-dimensional sketch restitution of monument B3. We tried to respect the local context as far as possible (Fig. 41) and on observed structural and sedimentary facts (Fig. 42). The peripheral wall is restituted on the natural slope. Its top surface is rendered flat and horizontal. A hypothetical entrance gap is featured on its northern side. The central platform and its chamber are featured as hidden under the artificial sediment fill. The top of the platform is about 5-10 cm below the artificial surface. The documented postholes are restituted with their poles, which are supposedly intended to hold prayer flags. Most probably, more postholes were located around the peripheral wall.

Fig. 41

Fig. 42

Although the vertical restitution is based on some hypothetical inferences, we estimate that it gives an overview of the shape the monument once could have had. Future archaeological work in Bhutan or elsewhere in the Himalayan region will tell if our restitution is far from other similar monuments.

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